Monday, July 9, 2012


Tosheka Textiles is a Kenyan and USA based social entrepreneurial company that specializes in the production of green textiles and related products. Our emphasis is on production of textiles in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable. By using modern techniques, we blend traditional and contemporary techniques adn designs to produce innovative, high fashion quality and globally competitive textiles. We work towards TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE RETURNS: FINANCIAL, SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL. We currently have two projects going on in Kenya: Creating Recycled Treasures from recycled plastic bags and growing organic cotton using neem fertilizer in Wote, Ukambani from which we produce hand-spun cotton and subsequent value added products.

So what will this blog be about? It will be anything from an environmental to fashion blog, entrepreneurial to travelling blog and last but not least, a farming blog. By now you must be thinking HUH? Let me explain. 

  • Well, our intention is to take you through this crazy ride where we will talk about our awesome bags (Recycled Treasures) made from recycled plastic (you're probably imagining a not-so-nice looking bag, but you will be pleasantly surprised). We will tell you the story of why and how we started, how these bags are made, who makes them, where they are made and of course where to get and buy them. Some of our clients will blog about their Recycled Treasures, where they wore them and how they styled them, hence a fashion blog. 
  • Where our Recycled Treasures go, we go, hence a travel blog.
  • We will talk about our successes, hurdles and battles of being an entrepreneur, hence an entrepreneurial blog. 
  • We cannot showcase our Recycled Treasures without talking about the environment, the existence or non-existence of waste management systems in Kenya and other great Kenyans who are improving our environs through business, hence an environmental blog. 
  • Remember the organic cotton I talked about earlier? Well we have conducted a pilot cotton growing project using neem fertilizer & pesticides in Wote. The results were INCREDIBLE. We will feature our farmers who will talk about their experiences, the dos & don'ts of farming, hence an agricultural blog. 
Now that that's settled, we invite  you to join us on this journey of our dreams, life, laughs, joys, woes and GOOD OLD HAVING FUN! 

Welcome to all that is TOSHEKA!

Charity Migwi
Tosheka Blogger

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