Thursday, July 12, 2012


Philadelphia today is HOT! I thought being from Kenya, a country right on the equator, I had experienced heat, but boy was I mistaken. Anyway, enough about the heat. Today's blog will look at some of the products in the Soko Collection, the premier Spring/Summer 2012 Collection of the Recycled Treasures project.

The Soko Signature Kiondo Carry All (bit of a mouthful eh?) looks exactly as the name suggests. Its shape is similar to the kiondo which is a handwoven bag that is indigenous to the Kikuyu and Kamba ethnic groups of Kenya. Normally, the kiondo was woven using sisal but as our second blog post explained we crotchet plarn, which is a portmanteau for plastic yarn. This bag is designed carry all of a woman's essentials and not look bulky.

Why Signature? This refers to the finishing of the decorative flap which is embedded with colourful beads. The flap can be made out of leather, suede, fabric or rexin material. The straps as well can be made of any of these materials, or even the plarn itself.
Flaps and straps made of leather and denim. Blue and yellow crotchet in striped & eclectic patterns. Aren't these bags perfect for giving that extra oomph to your outfit?
The colours available range anything from black, green, blue, yellow, purple, red, pink, white to even silver. Our women producers are incredibly creative. It is unbelievable the patterns they come up with from simple discarded plastic bags! We classify our patterns into three categories: solid/bold, striped, and eclectic. The eclectic pattern, my favourite, basically refers to a random pattern that the producer comes up with. The bags have a zip closure as shown below.

The interior of the bags are lined with cotton fabric. There is a phone pocket, which is extremely convenient because you don't always have to be digging inside your bag for it. There is also a zipped compartment for small things and valuables.

Some of our Soko Signature Kiondo Carry All Family
For more information about these bags, visit our facebook page or our website or simply just make a comment on this post.

Charity Migwi
Tosheka blogger

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